Summer Fashion Haul: Must-Have Pieces for the Season

It’s time to update your wardrobe and replenish your closet for the new season! Summer is here and it’s time to start getting in the holiday spirit and dressed in the trendiest looks to make the most of the sunshine. Find out which pieces you should be adding to your wardrobe to be in the fashion game this season with our summer fashion haul.

1. Get Ready for the Heat: Summer Fashion Must-Haves

Summer is around the corner and it is officially time to prepare for the scorching heat! With summers comes an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with trendy summer fashion essentials. Whether it’s for a vacation or for stepping out in style in the comfort of your home during the pandemic, here are some of the must-haves for your summer wardrobe:

  • Maxi Dresses – Floaty maxis are a perfect summer staple for when you don’t know what to wear. Available in a range of bright colours and ultra-flattering styles, a striped or a floral maxi dress is an easy win when you’re looking to amp up your summer wardrobe.
  • Cotton Shirts – Nothing screams summer quite like a lightweight cotton shirt. These comfortable, breezy options are perfect for the hot weather. Whether it is a cropped shirt with bell sleeves for a brunch with gals or a cool mandarin collar shirt for lighter formal days, these shirts can be versatile and totally stylish.
  • Denim Shorts – Denim shorts are an absolute must-have in your summer wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a long pair of frayed shorts or a mini denim skirt, there are plenty of options to choose from. Throw on a pair of converse for a casual day or luxe it up with some nude wedges for the evening drinks.
  • Breezy Tunics – Tunics are perfect for the summer. Choose from an array of lightweight options for an airy and comfortable look. Breezy maxi tunics with delicate crochet detail can be perfect for a beach vacation, especially for days when you don’t want to bother too much about the attire.
  • Floppy Hats – Floppy hats come a long way in protecting you from summer heat. Not only they help in shielding your face from the sunrays, they also add an extra oomph to your look. Whether you’re on a vacation or having brunch with your gal pals, accessorise with a floppy hat for an effortless yet stylish flair.

Summers should never be about compromising on style and these essentials are sure to make you feel perfectly chic and comfortable at the same time! So, update your summer wardrobe with these fashion must-haves and make the most of the hot days!

2. Step Into Style: Must-Have Pieces to Update Your Wardrobe

The first step in updating your wardrobe is to get the foundation pieces. Investing in a few timeless items that you can wear for the upcoming seasons and years will make your wardrobe more versatile and less likely to go out of style.

Must-Have Pieces:

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Classic blazer
  • Crisp button-down shirt
  • Dark jeans
  • Leather ankle boots

Once you have the basics, think about how to create interesting and versatile outfits around them. A denim jacket over your plain white T can transform your look from day to night. Adding a pair of sneakers instead of ankle boots to your jeans and crisp button-down outfit can take you from the office to the street.

A little bit of color and pattern can bring much needed energy to your wardrobe. Start with a few key accessories piece, such as a printed scarf, patterned bag, or colored belt. Adding these to your neutral wardrobe is a great way to bring life to your outfit without making it too busy or over the top.

Finally, pick one statement piece that you can use to add an unexpected twist to your look. Seek out a piece that is at the same time comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and representative of your unique style. Whether that’s a bold patterned dress or an edgy leather jacket, choose something that will anchor your look and make statement.

Summer is near and it’s time to pick some hot pieces for the season! Whether you want to update your wardrobe with a chic dress, or switch up your style with some modern silhouettes, there’s something for everyone. Here are the trends to keep an eye out for this summer.

  • Romantic Frills – The Victorian era had a major influence on the collections of this season. Floaty and flouncy ruffles of delicate fabrics are a must-have for a daringly romantic look this summer.
  • Neutral Tones – Numerous shades of beige, creams and chambrays have been used for casual silhouettes and everyday-wear this season. Instead of going for bright colors, try toning it down with a timeless neutral palette for your wardrobe.
  • Vibrant Colors – A spell of vibrant summer colors awaits fashion aficionados this season. Opt for some dynamic pieces with bright neon tones to up your look instantly.
  • Flashy Stripes – The classic striped designs are here to stay, now rendered playfully with eye-catching prints in bright shades that add drama to any look.

It’s time to hit the shops for some head-turning options. Accessorize your look with a summery bag or shoes, add a hint of sparkle, and you’re good to go! Invest in some timeless pieces like pleated skirts, rompers, and crochet pieces to stay ahead of the game this summer.

Be the trendsetter with your unique style by picking out the best trending pieces of the summer and putting together some chic ensembles. Create a statement with your own look and don’t be afraid to take risks – that’s what fashion’s all about!

4. Keep Cool in Style: Rocking Your Summer Haul

Renting swimwear?
Throughout summer, swimming and pool parties are a great way to have fun and stay cool. Renting swimwear is an easy and affordable way to keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank. Opt for rental sites that offer a range of designs from brands like Tommy Bahama, Roxy, and Billabong. Wear a swimsuit with a trendy pattern or bold colors or you can find something a bit more classic and timeless.

Breezy summer dresses
Lightweight summer dresses help beat the heat and make a fashion statement all at the same time. Whether you opt for a patterned maxi dress, a polka dot sundress, or a sundress with wildflowers, breezy summer dresses instantly take your look up a notch. Layer them with a denim jacket for cooler nights or go for pure, lightweight bliss and wear them with sandals.

Unique fedoras
This summer, don’t settle for bland. Step up the headwear game with a unique fedora. Choose from vibrant colors, traditional styles with modern twists, and elaborate designs that incorporate weaving and beading. Wrap up your style with a bow or a ribbon and you’re good to go.

The vacation edit
For a stress-free shopping experience, try the vacation edit. Vacation apparel includes lightweight items like jumpsuits, flouncy blouses, linen shorts, hiking sandals, and shoulder bags in small sizes. Many vacation apparel items come in bright colors and interesting patterns. Chose items that multi-task, such as swimsuits that double as tank tops.

Accessorizing your style
Summer fashion doesn’t just stop at clothing. Accessorizing with the right items can quickly elevate an outfit. Some ideas include:

  • A straw hat
  • Statement sunglasses
  • Oversized jewelry
  • A colorful floral scarf
  • Bangles and wristbands
  • Ring sets

These fashion items are just a few of the items you can add to your summer wardrobe. With a bit of creativity and careful styling, you can easily rock your summer haul and stay cool in style!

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the summer season, these key fashion pieces will help you look and feel your best. From lightweight linen, funky trimmings and bright colors, build up your wardrobe for the summer with these fabulous fashion must-haves. Let the style vibes flood in!

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